Tim Forssman

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Personal details

Born 1980, Siegen, Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia
Age range 30 - 40
Build Athletic
Height 190
Colour of hair Blonde
Hair style
Colour of eyes Green
Vocal pitch / Dubbing voice Baritone



2001 - 2004
International Network of Actors Berlin (Germany)



Languages German (mother tongue)
English (fluent)
Dialects Westphalia (native dialect)
Ruhrpott (fluent)
Berlin (good)
Hamburg (good)
Cologne (good)
German (Northern) (good)
Accents German (native accent)
Sports Horseback riding (very good)
Skiing (very good)
Stage fighting (good)
Fencing (good)
Soccer (good)
Tennis (good)
Water-skiing (good)
Dance Stage dance (good)
Singing Stage singing (good)
Musical instruments




CV - Film
2014 Iron Sky: The Coming Race
Supporting actor
Directed by: Timo Vuorensola
2007 Miracle at St. Anna
Supporting actor
Directed by: Spike Lee


CV - Television & Streaming
2016 - 2019 Verstehen Sie Spaß
Star of episode
Directed by: Diverse
2016 Das Geheimnis
Star of episode
Directed by: P. Spielmann
2015 23 Cases
Supporting actor
Directed by: F. Herzogenrath
2014 Aktenzeichen XY... ungelöst
Star of episode
Directed by: D. Carreras
2013 Kein Entkommen
Supporting actor
Directed by: A. Senn
2013 Scarlet & Hadschi
Supporting actor
Directed by: Z. Aladag
2011 SOKO Wismar
Supporting actor
Directed by: H.-C. Blumenberg
2011 Anna und die Liebe
Supporting actor
Directed by: C. Dohrn
2011 Alles Klara
Star of episode
Directed by: J. Schäuffelen
2011 Die Draufgänger
Supporting actor
Directed by: F. Meyer-Price
2007 Tatort
Supporting actor
Directed by: M. F. Hendry
2006 Schuld und Unschuld
Supporting actor
Directed by: M. O. Rosenmüller
2005 Die Mauer - Berlin '61
Supporting actor
Directed by: H. Schön


CV - Theatre
2020 Ein Königreich vor dem Wind
Billy Bones Ongoing Leading Part
Directed by: B. Kernen
2019 Unter falscher Flagge
Billy Bones Ongoing Leading Part
Directed by: B. Kernen
2018 Spanish Cuba
Billy Bones Ongoing Leading Part
Directed by: B. Kernen
2017 Exekution in Cartagena
Directed by: B. Kernen
2016 Das Vermächtnis
Directed by: N. Düwell
2014 Unter Geiern
Directed by: J. Bludau
2011 - 2012 Ohne Moos nix los
Directed by: Y. Yolcu
2008 - 2009 Format C:
Directed by: L. Bieresch
2005 Gabba Gabba Hey
Supporting actor
Directed by: J. Buttgereit
2004 Fräulein Julie
Directed by: Th. Wieck


CV - Commercials
2016 - 2017 Bett1.de
Directed by: M. Bader
2012 Die Bahn
Directed by: J. Bonny
2012 Ferrero
Directed by: M. Härlin
2011 McDonald's

Directed by: M. Bonny
2010 Reno
Directed by: J. Haagen
2010 McDonald's
Directed by: M. Barker
2010 1&1
Directed by: M. Walter
2009 IAA
Directed by: P. Dietrich
2009 McFit
Directed by: T. Obladen
2009 McDonald's

Directed by: S. Strasser
2007 Hutchinson
Directed by: T. Stoffel
2006 Mobilkom
Directed by: M. Werner


CV - Audio


CV - Other